Test Schedule

SN RE Components Maximum Time Required for testing and Reporting
1 PV Module 15 - 20 Days
2 Charge Controller 10 Days
3 Lamp 15-20 Days
4 Battery 60 Days
5 Solar Inverter 10 Days
6 Biomass Cook Stoves / Electric Cook Stoves 10 Days

7 Solar Dryer 7 Days
8 Solar Cooker 7 Days


  1. The above time schedule is for testing, data analysis and report submission.
  2. If the products to be tested are already in queue, the time required increases accordingly.
  3. First preference is given to Product Introduction Test (PIT).
  4. Preference will be given to qualified companies paying test fee on subsidy based SHS.
  5. Actual time schedule for each testing and reporting will be given at the time of sample collection.